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DataFone offers a unique Service through its Platform to any Corporate or a Small Office Home office or a Small and medium establishment customer. With any of the 's devices, you get connected to the rest of the world in one of the most economic ways.

What you Get ?
2 Port with the necessary accessories and instruction manual
How to get connected ?
  • Customer can connect the Gateway to his existing Internet connectivity through either a
    DSL, Cable Internet, Wire-line or Wireless connectivity .

  • The device can be used on a Static or a Dynamic IP Address.

  • A NAT based Network or networks behind Firewalls/Transparent proxy having private IP addresses can also be connected to the Gateway.

  • Incase of any problems, please follow the instructions as mentioned in the User manual and get connected to DataFone and Experience the high quality communication on IP.

  • DataFone not only offers the hardware and the minutes for such services but offers a lot of additional services and benefits to the customer apart of cost effectiveness.

  • It offers a fully-featured, webbased interface, allowing the customer to check the CDRs, balance enquiries, rate sheet, account up gradation, recharging of the account, customer support chat etc.

  • Customer has a web interface password being given. Through our website www.DataFone.com using the username and password, web interface login is possible.

  • Customer can view its Call Detail Records (CDRs)

  • Customer can also view the Account balance information

  • Customer can charge and recharge the account using the web login

  • Customer can use the 24x7 chat facility for reaching the helpdesk

  • Customer can also send us regular feedbacks and log in customer complaints through web.

  • For more information, a Customer can even have a web based voice chat

What you can do ?
A. Easy to install, Simple to use
  • SIP Proxy Redundancy - Dyamic via DNS SRV, A Records Re-registration
    with Primary SIP Proxy Server
  • SIP Support in Network Address Translation Networks - NAT (incl. STUN)
  • Voice Alogrithms:
  • G.711 (A-law and mu-law)
  • G.726 (16/24/32/40 kbps)
  • G.729 A
  • G.7231.1 (6.3 kbps, 5.3 kbps)
  • Flexible Dial Plan Support with Interdigit Timers and IP Dialing
  • Full Duplex Audio
  • Echo Cancellation - (G.165/G.168)
  • VAD - Voice Activity Detection w/ Silence Suppression
B. Physical Interface
  • One RJ-45 Port - Ethernet 10 Base T Interface (IEEE 802.3)
  • Two RJ-11 FXS Ports - For Analog Circuit Telephone Device (Tip/Ring)
D. Security Functions
  • Password Protected Admin and User Access Authority
  • Provisioning/Configuration/Authentication
  • HTTPS with Factory Installed Client Certificate
  • HTTP Digest - Encrypted Authentication via MD5 (RFC 1321)
  • Up to 256-bit AES or RC4 Encryption



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